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Have you seen the photos that are taken with cell phones? As i have shopped for and have sold home myself, I know that grabbing attention and first impression are #1 and #2. I capture the natural ambiance and feel to the home with crystal clear and sharp images. I have specific equipment to get the job done right including full frame camera, wide angle zoom lens, and editing software to achieve a crisp, clean, natural looking image. I have several “styles” in my bag of tricks, and with a short discussion i like to find out what you like, and what you don’t like…

Satisfaction is my #1 goal! I want to achieve and surpass expectation so you continue to use me for years to come.

Prices are:

-for a simple home (under 3000 sqft) the starting price is $125

-Aerial photos (drone) are $75 as an add on to the listing photos, and $95 by its self

-for larger, and more detailed homes, price can go up from there. (above 3000 sqft)

I can usually offer same week scheduling and if requested, 24 hour turnaround and delivery.

Have a larger project? My day rate on larger projects is $900, and for half day is $500. As always, editing time is always included in the price.

New this year also is property videos.

…and while I’ve got you here, be sure to check out the portraits page to get an updated headshot. IMG_2884







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