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Have you seen the photos that are taken with cell phones? As i have shopped for and sold my own home, I know that grabbing attention and first impression are #1 and #2. I capture the natural ambiance and feel to the home with crystal clear and sharp images. I have specific equipment to get the job done right including full frame canon camera, wide angle zoom lens, and editing software to achieve HDR toning. (High Dynamic Range). I have several “styles” in my bag of tricks, and with a short discussion i like to find out what you like, and what you don’t like…

Satisfaction is my #1 goal! I want to achieve and surpass expectation so you continue to use me for years to come.

Prices are:

-for a simple home (under $250,000) the starting price is $75

-for larger, and more detailed homes, price can go up from there.

Right now I offer next day scheduling and 24 hour turnaround and delivery.

Have a larger project? My day rate on larger projects is $900, and for half day is $500. As always, editing time is always included in the price.

…and while I’ve got you here, be sure to check out the portraits page to get an updated headshot. IMG_2884IMG_7376IMG_7381

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