Monthly archives: March, 2017

New Realtor Head Shots. Amie Dearing


Keller Williams welcomes Amie Dearing as a new agent. New or seasoned, always make sure your head shot looks good. As most people shop online, your picture is what they see first. Let me help you with your first impression.

Updating your head shot is a must!

This is my friend Jeremiah who just switched real estate agencies and the last office he was in let him have the before photo that you see. As a public sales person, your first impression is so important, and now he sees that. Dont let your customers pass you by because you dont look the part.

rzt_hc_6272IMG_8333 IMG_8335

New Work Real estate

This house was sold 4 days after it had been listed with 14 showings. It is a beautiful family home on 12 acres with a cow field. I like to think it was the photos that got the showings, but thats just me…


Frontier Anglers

A good friend of mine took me out fishing last week and i wanted to get some photos for him to put on his site at He has a guide service that specializes in small mouth fly fishing. Just 10 minutes into fishing I could tell he loves what he does. and really good at it also.

IMG_8880 IMG_9072